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Angeline and Jan - A Fairytale Garden Wedding

Thursday, January 07, 2016


This would be the most memorable from the peak season weddings. We felt like we were photographing this beautifully-gowned fairy who seems to have the sun follow here wherever.

 photo IMG_1725_zps0buqbqkd.jpg

 photo IMG_0744_zpsslt5lsxq.jpg  photo DSC07344_zpsxsjngb4a.jpg

 photo IMG_0718_zps1ukgias6.jpg

 photo IMG_1050_zpss7uo3d8e.jpg

 photo IMG_0761_zpssjtgmlnj.jpg

 photo DSC07389_zpsw2pjxnxk.jpg

 photo IMG_0871_zpsyarfaexm.jpg

 photo DSC07482_zpseucn9fd4.jpg

 photo DSC07569_zpsyp833509.jpg

 photo IMG_1376_zpsdszbpjri.jpg

 photo IMG_1758_zps4hfxwwst.jpg

 photo IMG_1767_zpsvnnjxvpx.jpg

 photo IMG_0738_zpsht8hnlpa.jpg

 photo IMG_0920_zpsjp6thht8.jpg

 photo IMG_1018_zpsmoumnkt1.jpg

 photo IMG_1211_zpslblgmqkf.jpg

 photo IMG_1191_zpshsmkjdil.jpg

 photo IMG_1787_zpsjkfifiy9.jpg

 photo IMG_1667_zpsa2aqvisi.jpg

 photo IMG_1662_zpsur2lariz.jpg

 photo IMG_1692_zpszckmek0h.jpg

 photo IMG_1647_zpsad3masxq.jpg

 photo IMG_1726_zpsr4yvcgt5.jpg

 photo IMG_1765_zps1z5bwx2g.jpg

 photo IMG_1782_zpsi3hbg3ti.jpg


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