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Reena and Don - Homeward Bound

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


We take each concept / wedding as a challenge especially since there really isn't much you can do that is totally new nowadays. A Filipinana wedding and prenup though is a refreshing one. Reena and Don allowed us to take rein from styling (thanks to our sister styling company, Papers n' Pastels), to directing, to shooting and even the music selection. The end result is for us one of our cohesive and aesthetically consistent weddings for the year. There's nothing like going OPM again and with equal substance and style on Reena and Don's end.

Here are our fave photos and their SDE.

You may see a complete set of photos on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.591240587632343.1073741856.251240454965693&type=1

 photo n01-3_zps6fce25b7.jpg

 photo n01-16_zps2ec1b351.jpg

 photo n01-44_zps4511331f.jpg

 photo n01-6_zpse2b729f9.jpg

 photo n01-4_zps899e5d94.jpg

 photo n01-15_zps396592de.jpg

 photo n01-36_zps343e199f.jpg

 photo n01-55_zps0d974a39.jpg

 photo n01-63_zpsf79ace6e.jpg

 photo n01-38_zps20c095fe.jpg

 photo n01-65_zps044cfc6c.jpg

 photo n02-31_zpsa4f65626.jpg

 photo n02-26_zps2168afe0.jpg

 photo n02-30_zps5b19607f.jpg

 photo n02-24_zps4ee4aba4.jpg

 photo n02-34_zps3f6853a7.jpg

 photo n03-11_zpsebd19e5c.jpg

 photo n03-4_zps1a7f61db.jpg

 photo n03_zps27b8a1bb.jpg

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