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Maite and Joe - Pure Honey

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Summer's over the corner and we're off the best locations the Philippines has to offer - Tagaytay, Baguio, Pagudpod and Boracay! And we'll be heading to Bohol for a little R&R as well. We've been meaning to update this little space but there's just a lot of fun concepts lately that it's really hard to choose. Maite and Joe's concept fits summer nicely with all the yellows and the warm smiles you'll see.  Here's a Honey-inspired video with a DLS overload of sweetness!


 photo fb17_zps27d4c5a5.jpg
 photo fb03_zpsb2b1aa5e.jpg
 photo fb01_zps4f528bd8.jpg
 photo fb22_zps22534e28.jpg
 photo fb21_zpsa24bfe19.jpg
 photo fb02_zpsdb0d87f7.jpg
 photo fb09_zps179ad983.jpg

Click below for the full set! :)

 photo fb13_zps92fd2942.jpg
 photo fb11_zpsbae38f34.jpg
 photo fb12_zps97b8f49d.jpg
 photo fb08_zps21704c31.jpg
 photo fb07_zpsb705d7a0.jpg

 photo fb14_zps57707339.jpg  photo fb06_zpsd2830b41.jpg
 photo fb15_zps3798ab1d.jpg
 photo fb16_zps18fab68d.jpg
 photo fb05_zps11289493.jpg
 photo fb02_zpsdb0d87f7.jpg
 photo fb03_zpsb2b1aa5e.jpg
 photo fb04_zpsb9e31017.jpg
 photo fb19_zps80a3fa6c.jpg
 photo fb18_zpsbdd6b4f7.jpg
 photo fb21_zpseb3428fa.jpg

 photo fb23_zpsed348379.jpg
 photo fb24_zps1c417bfa.jpg
 photo fb27_zps6591e56f.jpg
 photo fb26_zps0a84520b.jpg
 photo fb25_zpsfb6ef21e.jpg
 photo fb20_zps887ea5a0.jpg
 photo fb28_zpsf5fe880d.jpg
 photo fb22_zps22534e28.jpg
 photo fb29_zpscaac08a3.jpg


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  1. Hey its a nice video and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing these with us.

    Piper Meida