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Len and Dexter - Homeward Bound

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We've been waiting for the right time to post this set. Since they made it to the top 3 of We *Heart* Weddings' Beautiful Weddings 2010 cover contest, there's no better moment. This is actually the 2nd time a DLS couple got featured (last year's Jan-Mar issue) and it just gives us more inspiration to give our couples more.

We did the photos alongside no-other than Mayad Studios for Len and Dexter's video. That's a mix of pressure and excitement right there!

I'd love to talk about our experience here but Len's own version is just a beauty to read. Now, if only I could find a link to her article that isn't on Facebook so everyone could enjoy...


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  1. pics of len's and dexter's were amazing =)