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Jaymee and Erwin

Friday, March 26, 2010


This was our 2nd time shooting at Enchanted Kingdom. We had no idea there was a different fee for prenups there (of course there had to be). The supervisor basically wanted us to pay 3.5k for the permit. A few minutes of debating with him (there were a lot of guys with DSLRs inside the park anyway) and we were about to give up. Then Erwin, our cunning groom said "Hindi na lang kami magpe-prenup, magpi-picture-picture na lang kami sa loob". To our surprise, the super replied "ok sir, sige po" and then they let us in.

That was the funniest thing that day and we couldn't stop talking about it. It's been days after the wedding and that anecdote still crack us up.

Anyway, weddings at The Oasis are always a fave so we definitely enjoyed the making of their SDE. So click, watch and enjoy :)

PS: We'll miss you here Jaymee
Photos coming soon!



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