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Hannie and Oca

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Every wedding supplier has their own story to tell when Ondoy happened. This proves that you really can't get a more professional crew than photo/videographers.

That gloomy Saturday morning when Ondoy came, we arrived hours early for our call time at YMCA, Makati. I was still optimistic by 11am that the rain will subside and the floods will recede. We had a lot of fun shots as well but it was beginning apparent that a lot of other wedding suppliers weren't going to make it on time at least. It was just us, our coordinator Mayette and her florist.

Hannie, our bride, was getting worried and one by one her entourage were backing out via SMS. Everyone was either stuck in traffic (and flood) or could no longer go out to travel.

Then the news on TV was slowly making it clear that this wasn't just an ordinary typhoon (hurricane, for our friends in the west). A good part of Metro Manila was starting to resemble Waterworld. By 3pm, Hannie and Oca (who braved chest-high floods to get to YMCA) conceded to postponing their wedding. Heartbreaking indeed.

Fast-forward to December and we're experiencing deja vu - being on the same place with the same bride and groom and guests. This time, Mt. Mayon was threatening to erupt. Thank God it didn't and it was us, the bride and groom and everybody who ended the night with a bang with a successful wedding celebration.

Finally, Hannie and Oca!



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  1. nice video:) you're such a lovely couple! :)-Rosemin