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Album Samples

Thursday, January 04, 2007


For those are overseas or unable to visit our studio for the album samples / sizes, here are the actual albums when printed. Shown below are Storybook albums and a Magnetic Leatherette album.

UPDATE (7-17-2013):

Starting July 2013, we will no longer include Magnetic albums on DLS Signature; nor will it be available for upgrades.

Instead, the magnetic albums will be replaced with a MORE elegant, more sturdy Personalized Hardbound albums. All Personalized Hardbound albums comes with the NEW beautifully textured hardboard box as seen below:

12x12 & 10x10 Personalized Hardbound Albums

DLS Mint will still come with the regular Storybook/Magazine Type album below:
10x10 Storybook Album

12x12 Storybook Album

8x8 Guestbook Album

12x12, 10x10 and 8x8 Storybook Album

8x10 Storybook Album (Default Album with DLS Mint)


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