Notice to DLS Brides and Grooms

To our dear DLS Brides and Grooms, please understand that we will no longer be able to accept prenup shoots for December and January as they're peak months and our calendar is already booked with weddings. Please contact us to secure a date for your prenup shoots. Thank you.

Li-ann and Dennis - The Beautiful Details


A celebration of love - done with beautiful people, venue and details!
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DLS Now Has Air Superiority!

A few couples have already availed of our new Aerial Video+Photo package when it was announced on our FB page and for those interested in what we can do for you, here's Sorbi and Chelo's same day edit. DLS Aerial is included on DLS Signature package for both the SDE and prenup / save the date and your regular or Mint packages can be upgraded to included Aerial shots. Do call / email us for more information!

DLS Presents: Chelo and Sorbi!

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Featured! Our "Up" inspired E-session at Bride and Breakfast


Rachel and Mark's E-session was actually our 2nd take on Disney's "Up" concept. Just like the movie, this just won't go old. This colorful and artful shoot was all very much inspired. We had fun filming and photographing our couple as well as their creatively done details. Thank you, to our sister company Papers n' Pastels for the styling.

Styling by: Papers & Pastels by DLS

View the article at Bride and Breakfast or view the whole album on our Facebook page.

View the whole set on our Facebook page here.

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DLS Featurette: Olive and Pen


We would like to start of the rainy season with something productive - and that's by updating this website as often as our Facebook page. To start off, here's a recent vintage-y romantic travel E-session. The colors, the outfit, the make-up and hairstyling - everything just came together that's just easy on the eyes. A shoutout goes to Mayone's team for the hair and makeup!

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Reena and Don - Homeward Bound


We take each concept / wedding as a challenge especially since there really isn't much you can do that is totally new nowadays. A Filipinana wedding and prenup though is a refreshing one. Reena and Don allowed us to take rein from styling (thanks to our sister styling company, Papers n' Pastels), to directing, to shooting and even the music selection. The end result is for us one of our cohesive and aesthetically consistent weddings for the year. There's nothing like going OPM again and with equal substance and style on Reena and Don's end.

Here are our fave photos and their SDE.

You may see a complete set of photos on our Facebook page here:

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Cha and Val


Beautiful weddings - they come from beautiful hearts. And the photographers and videographers like us are among the ones directly affected since we're the ones paying attention to the conversations, the vows, the candid moments and the guests' tears of joy. More than the table decorations, the stage setup, the flowers and the suits and bridal gown; it is the couples' beauty of heart that radiates throughout a wedding day and THAT makes everything else superficial.

So without spoiling much, here's Cha and Val's wedding SDE.

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Maite and Joe - Pure Honey


Summer's over the corner and we're off the best locations the Philippines has to offer - Tagaytay, Baguio, Pagudpod and Boracay! And we'll be heading to Bohol for a little R&R as well. We've been meaning to update this little space but there's just a lot of fun concepts lately that it's really hard to choose. Maite and Joe's concept fits summer nicely with all the yellows and the warm smiles you'll see.  Here's a Honey-inspired video with a DLS overload of sweetness!


 photo fb17_zps27d4c5a5.jpg
 photo fb03_zpsb2b1aa5e.jpg
 photo fb01_zps4f528bd8.jpg
 photo fb22_zps22534e28.jpg
 photo fb21_zpsa24bfe19.jpg
 photo fb02_zpsdb0d87f7.jpg
 photo fb09_zps179ad983.jpg

Click below for the full set! :)

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An Artsy E-Session with Inah and Earl


A colorful and artful set can't go wrong. Here's a well-thought e-session that's both elegant and playful courtesy of Tipping Point Collective for styling.

 photo 01_zpsbf264b84.jpg

 photo 09_zps71e53d32.jpg

 photo 05-2_zpsf546b601.jpg

 photo 12-1_zps643559e0.jpg

 photo 20_zpsdadd31f6.jpg

 photo 23_zps22ede372.jpg

 photo 19_zps9ac1492f.jpg

 photo 28_zps2e199368.jpg

 photo 32_zpsb6cf5c44.jpg

 photo 35-2_zpse62ff60b.jpg

 photo 38_zps73aeef0d.jpg

 photo 54_zps6c9b5b01.jpg

 photo 59_zps5bb2283c.jpg


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Laiza and Wilson - A Pagudpud Scottish Wedding: Part Two


As promised, the wedding photos of our unique experience at Ilocos Norte. Marriages of different cultures have always been interesting so here's a sharing of the colors and the moments during Laiza and Wilson's beautiful wedding. Be sure to click below for the complete set of photos!

First up is their same-day-edit video:

 photo n01-1A_zps2faa10d9.jpg

 photo n01-12_zpsd53e2d99.jpg

 photo n01-16_zps08025c52.jpg

 photo n01-21_zps2ea571fb.jpg

 photo n01-34_zpsbecfdbe0.jpg

 photo n01-57_zps13beccdc.jpg

 photo n01-75_zps9ea98d10.jpg

 photo n01-81_zpsf395095d.jpg

 photo n01-78_zpsb0cb8dc6.jpg

 photo n01-86_zps40f30bd9.jpg

 photo n02-16_zps02225523.jpg

 photo n02-32_zpsfff954c4.jpg

 photo n02-35_zpsfcdd97df.jpg

 photo n02-47_zps1f2c1e5b.jpg

 photo n02-51_zpscfd5f36a.jpg

 photo n02-57_zps34639784.jpg

 photo n02-58_zps484cd207.jpg

 photo n02-59_zps29b0dd28.jpg

 photo n03-20_zps16133b44.jpg

 photo n03-22_zps4bc856e7.jpg

 photo n03-28_zps6aba1b54.jpg

Click below for the complete set!

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